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Building Surveys

Building surveys are designed to provide you with information about your building so that you can make informed decisions. My surveys cover a wide range of aspects including general condition, specific defects, suitability for adaptation or alteration and potential for development.

Following my building survey I will provide you with a concise report, clearly identifying the key issues and making suitable recommendations.

Why other people like you use my building surveys

  • Experience and knowledge that clearly identifies problems and delivers value for money solutions
  • Adaptive approach to problem solving to manage client expectations
  • Clarity of reporting that promotes collaboration and informed decision making.

“Simon is highly approachable and we enjoy working with him on our projects for the vulnerable. He is easily contactable, should problems arise. His wealth of knowledge and experience with such projects enables us to explore and resolve any such problems easily ensuring the continuity of the project is maintained. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Simon’s services and have indeed used him for other personal projects.”

Martin Christmas, Owner, BJ Builders

Knowing which building survey is right for you

Don’t know what you’re looking for? Use the cards below to learn more about the different types of building survey I provide for my customers. Get in touch to aslk me questions and get expert advice for your project.

Condition Survey


This type of building survey assesses the current construction and condition of your building, identifies defects and makes recommendations for repair or further investigation of problems.

You may be interested in this type of survey if you want to understand the scope and cost of maintenance issues, if you intend to move house or if you are interested in extending or adapting your building and want to understand the extent of the associated work required.

Targeted Defects


This type of survey assesses a specific problem or set of problems that are manifest in your building and makes recommendations for repair.

You may be interested in this survey if a new problem has just come to light or if a persistent problem has not been resolved following several attempts at repair.


Development Potential


This type of survey assesses the potential of your building to be altered, adapted and extended.

It is designed to give you an overview of the challenges you face, the process involved and the likelihood of success in obtaining necessary consents.



Measured Survey


This type of survey is predominantly used to produce drawings of your building, either in part or as a whole.

This is usually undertaken to establish a design when looking to alter, adapt or extend, identifying location and establishing quantities.




Access Audit


This type of survey looks at how the building provides access to and within for its potential users, including those with mobility, cognitive and sensory impairments.

The focus is on identifying obstacles to inclusive use and recommendation of solutions with an understanding of the scope, process and cost of those solutions.